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 Scelfor I

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Approved#1PostSubject: Scelfor I   Scelfor I EmptyTue Aug 15, 2017 5:50 pm

Name: Scelfor I

Habitable: It is habitable to all species that breathe oxygen and has enough material for a species to survive.

Terrain: Jungle (Wetlands), Forest (Highlands), Desert (Midlands)

Size: Large.

Population: Humans(97%), Scelforians (3%)
Location: Picture in the Discord. But around 45,000 light years.

The location:


Scelfor I has a massive population and due to the amount of manpower they are quickly rising the technology food chain. At the current moment they can move massive amounts of troops from one planet to another but have yet to figure out a way to move into different solar systems. It takes around 2 months to get from Scelfor I to the closet planet Scelfor II. They do however have plasma guns and have reverted away from common projectile guns such as bullets. They do have experimental Light Travel but has yet to be tested and we have yet to discover another race other than Scelforians and humans. We do not however need to worry about food due to biosphere  and water is readily becoming available to the populations of Scelfor.


The Scelforians tell of the early humans who had come to their planet thousands of years prior. They tell of great ships with halls that the Scelforian population could fit into. They tell how they came peacefully and would help the Scelforians with their current problem. This problem had bee readily becoming more and more dire due to the weak immune systems that the Scelforians harbored. They were dying off to an infection named the Black Harbinger. It would eat away the flesh of the one who had the virus and would leave nothing but the bones remaining. The humans quickly became immune due to their relatively strong immune system and helped try and conquer the said virus. Sadly, they were late in coming and the Scelforians lost around 80% of their population before a cure was made. Although the cure was made it was not readily available to all of the population and therefore around another 15% was lost. When the virus finally succumbed having no further hosts the Scelforians rejoiced and worshipped the humans. But now came another problem who would become the leading race. The humans vastly outnumbered the dwindling populations of the natives but the humans for once were not going to kill off the race. They lived in harmony until a group of humans known in the lore of the planets as the 'Origins' destroyed the majority of the large ships and stole the 3 remaining to return to Earth. The Last known transmission was right as they left the solar system and it read. "We have made a grave mistake". The three ships were named 'Revenant' the 'Calligrapher' and the 'Eternity'. None of the ships were ever heard of again. Due to their betrayal the remaining humans had no more means of travel and the planet lapsed into an age known as 'Rock Bottom'. Technology didn't advance and everyone was at war. Scelfor I finally pulled out of their low and began to create a military and advance technology. They waged war against Scelfor II and III who were now their only rivals and the war has since been going on. Scelfor II and III's forces are quickly falling to the rapid onslaught sent from Scelfor I. 


The Highlands is where the major technological cites are and where the majority of the population is located (54-57%). They have many hubs and its where the majority of trade stems along with where the government chose to set up. The Government is an Oligarchy. They have a total of 8 members in the oligarchy. Three of them are Scelforian and 5 of them are human. They work together in order for the planet and the military to run smooth. 

The MidLands. The Midlands harbors almost none of the population and instead is where almost all of the military training facilities are. This is where they train the troops to become what they have to. There is only one city there known as Sciv and it has the majority of soldiers family. It is generally a nice city and has towering skyscrapers that seem to be right in the shimmering apparition around them. The city is a biosphere in itself and grows crops as well as a very large supply of water. 

The Wetlands: This is known as the jungle part of the planet and harbors the next part of the population somwhere around 42%. This is where the best living is offered in numerous biosphere located around the continent sized Jungle.  The Southern part of the Jungle is where the population lives and the Northern and Western side is where the air-force and military launch pads are located. This is where they launch in order to get to Scelfor II and III.

 All in all the planet is well off and has only been attacked twice. The first time was in the very beginning of the war by Scelfor II they launched a full assault on the civilians and is ultimately what led to Scelfor I to join the war. They killed many but by then they had been all killed. The war is almost over and all the leaders want is to unite the planets in order to create a more powerful nation.
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Scelfor I

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